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Dear Governor Walz,
Back in March, you unilaterally closed bars and restaurants and put in place a two-week “shelter in place” order with the stated goal of “flattening the curve.” While your predictions and modeling were way off, your logic was spot on. You said:

“In the absence of a vaccine, most of us will experience this over the course of the next year to 18 months.”

You were right. Despite universal adherence to your mask mandate, Minnesotans moved indoors, and a second wave of positive cases predictively hit the state.

You also said on March 25, 2020:

“The attempt is to strike a proper balance of making sure that our economy can function, we protect the most vulnerable, we slow the rate to buy us time and build out our capacity to deal with it.”

We have not found the proper balance, our economy is suffering, and the latest shutdown of bars, restaurants and health clubs will cause another round of small businesses to permanently close. Closing health clubs is particularly counter-intuitive given the value of regular workouts to mental and physical health.

We have not protected the most vulnerable. Despite your five-point plan to protect the elderly in congregate care settings, they continue to make up close to 70% of all COVID deaths in Minnesota.

Distance learning continues to fail our students, both academically and emotionally. The achievement gap is widening, and we are losing too many students to suicide and other mental health problems. The stoppage of youth sports and activities removes the last lifeline for many of our young people.

You often say, “follow the data.” This week’s shutdown order ignores the data from your own administration on hospital capacity, the ongoing risk to our elderly and community spread from restaurants, health clubs and youth sports.

I’m calling on you to return common sense to our COVID-19 policies. Your administration needs to focus on the capacity of our hospitals and the care of the elderly in congregate care. If you can get that right, the hardworking people of Minnesota can be trusted to earn an honest living -- and protect ourselves and others from COVID-19 -- without excessive restrictions to our freedom.

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We Can Trust Minnesotans

When Gov. Walz originally asked Minnesotans to sacrifice and protect each other from COVID, it may have made sense. But after nine months of lockdowns and mandates, it’s time to rethink our COVID policies. Shutting down youth sports, health clubs and all restaurants and bars does not make sense with 70% of COVID fatalities still occurring among our elderly in congregate care.

We therefore call on state leaders to re-focus on protecting the elderly and building capacity in our hospitals. Even Gov. Walz admitted that preventing the spread of the virus in our communities was impossible.

Let them play.
Let them live.
Let them thrive.
Let them work out.
Let them learn.

Return common sense to our COVID policies.

Make your voice heard.

Restore Common Sense to Our COVID Policies.


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End the Destructive COVID Lockdowns


Send a letter to Gov. Walz and your legislators

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